Jack Schwager, the author av the trading bible Market Wizards, now has a lecture that can be watched on Youtube or here below.

Since most of his advice is very good, you can really understand that he is a smart man who interviewed and learned from some of the best traders of all times.

The whole lecture is divided in four pieces.

Part 1

[youtube_video=http://youtu.be/z4TUgIx60PE&rel=0&w=570 rel="nofollow"]


Part 2

[youtube_video=http://youtu.be/U5JX5JjeJT8&rel=0&w=570 rel="nofollow"]


Part 3

[youtube_video=http://youtu.be/CUWvuRHb6OA&rel=0&w=570 rel="nofollow"]


Part 4

[youtube_video=http://youtu.be/9Glag0EJbNo&rel=0&w=570 rel="nofollow"]


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