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Libertarians vs. Occupy Wall Street

I wonderful diagram that shows the common traits among libertarians and the occupy wall street group. But also what differs the two groups of people.

One can really see what side has the best argument and solution. But both sides see that the current system is totally flawed to put it mildly. However, it will not work to replace a currently flawed system with another system that may even be worse.

I let you be the judge whose side has the best logics and solution the current political system.

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  1. You’ll let me be the judge? It’s the most hilariously one sided diagram anyone has ever seen. Your source for the image proves it!

    • Johan Lindén

      Yes it is hilarious how ignorant people are. But thanks to the Internet people can more easily find out the truth if they look for other sources than their own. This fabulous chart depicts the truth very well. (Also note that the chart is two-sided, not one-sided, and very truthful all together)

  2. Olof

    The tea party movement is (american) conservative, not libertarian.

    • Johan Lindén

      I am afraid that is not quite true. They are not necessary mutually exclusive.

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