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Welcome to, a blog about economics and the psychology and philosophy surrounding it. In many ways economics is a pseudo-science were many professionals, academics and authorities express their thoughts as it was pure facts. Rarely there are enough science to back up these claims.

We will give you common sense facts that are not so common, but also try to challenge the norms or consensus of what is thought and taught in the fields of economics. This is what we call a contrarian view.  We will always strive to be an objective knowledge-base to ease our viewers in being better at decision-making no matter what field they are in.

No matter if you are an economic journalist, trader or a poker player you will find interesting articles that will motivate and entice you to being better at what you do.

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A few notes:

  • All advice on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used alone to take any trades or decisions.
  • We really aim at using reliable sources when we quote or refer to someone or something, but there may of course be some errors coming from third-party sources.
  • We are not native speaker of English so there will surely be some errors in words and/or grammar. We are always trying to better ourselves so you are welcome to point that out if you like.

Feedback from our viewers are very much appreciated and we encourage you to ask or comment on our articles or send an email to us for questions, tips or suggestions.

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  1. I much prefer informative aticlres like this to that high brow literature.

    • Johan Lindén

      Sorry I didn’t really understand your comment.

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